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TEKsystems’ internal recruiters are dedicated to finding the best qualified candidates and helping them begin a career at TEKsystems.

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Talent Acquisition Managers

Allison Maltese
Allison Maltese – Director of Talent Acquisition


Allison Maltese joined TEKsystems in 1997 as a technical recruiter in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In 2001, she moved to the Parsippany, New Jersey, office, where she has held roles in recruiting, delivery management, account management and retention. In 2010, Maltese joined the Talent Acquisition team, focused on internal hiring in the Northeast. She now serves in a leadership position as a senior manager of talent acquisition.

Megan Schorr
Megan Schorr – Talent Acquisition Manager


Megan Schorr started her career with TEKsystems in 2012 as a West Internal Recruiter and moved into a leadership role in 2015. In her current role as a Talent Acquisition Manager, she coaches and leads a team of Talent Acquisition Specialists across North America who are responsible for hiring Recruiter and Sales Professionals as well as Field Support. She is based in Denver, Colorado.

Mara Tabor – Talent Acquisition Manager


Mara Tabor started her career with Allegis Group as a recruiter at Aerotek in 2007. She joined TEKsystems in 2009 as the Southeast Internal Recruiter and moved into a leadership role in 2015. In her current role as a Talent Acquisition Manager, she coaches and leads a team of Talent Acquisition Specialists in the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, and Central regions as well as the Corporate Recruiting team.

Corporate Recruiters

If you are interested in exploring opportunities for our corporate locations in Hanover, Maryland, and Tempe, Arizona, please reach out to one of our corporate recruiters. If you are interested in working in customer support, please contact Kristin Fuimara for open opportunities.

Danielle Caldwell
Danielle Caldwell – Corporate Recruiter


Danielle Caldwell joined TEKsystems in 2012 as a technical recruiter in Dallas, TX. In late 2014, she joined the Corporate Recruiting team and relocated to Phoenix, Arizona, to help build our West Coast corporate office! Caldwell focuses on recruiting entry to senior level professionals for back-office related positions for both of our corporate locations, Baltimore, MD and Tempe, AZ.

Wiley O'Daniel
Wiley O'Daniel – Corporate Recruiter


Wiley O’Daniel recruits at our headquarters, mainly for entry-level business operations roles. Prior to his current position, Wiley spent several years as a senior technical recruiter in the Federal & Engineering space.

Rebecca Skonicki
Rebecca Skonicki – Corporate Recruiter


Rebecca Skonicki supports the recruitment of regional controllers and senior management level positions at our East Coast Corporate location. Prior to joining TEKsystems, Rebecca was an Executive Recruiter for accounting and finance professionals.

Recruitment Specialists

If you would like TEKsystems to get involved with your diversity, veteran or disabilities programs, please contact our Talent Acquisition Specialist.

Kristi Fuimara
Kristin Fuimara – Talent Acquisition Specialist


Based in Connecticut, Kristin Fuimara joined the Internal Recruiting team in 2016. She works to fill all of our Field Support positions including, administrative assistants, customer support and supervisor roles. She works to fill positions in the U.S. and Canada.

Headshot of Jen Knutsen
Jen Knutsen – Talent Acquisition Specialist


Jen Knutsen started her career with TEKsystems in 1997 and helped grow the Chicago market. In 2001, she moved to Aerotek to start the Administrative, Accounting/Finance, Call Center divisions in Chicago. She left the organization in 2006 , to stay home with her children. She joined TEKsystems again in 2016 as part of the Internal Recruiting Team to help source Business Development Managers and Recruiters for our field offices. Currently, she recruits for our Field Support positions in the U.S. and positions in our corporate office in Maryland.

Clara Johnson
Clara Johnson – Talent Acquisition Coordinator


Clara Johnson joined the Internal Recruiting team Spring of 2017 as the Talent Acquisition Coordinator. Clara is based out of Charlotte, NC and works to support the Talent Acquisition team.

Mike Powers
Mike Powers – Veterans & Disabilities Program Manager


Mike Powers has extensive experience in IT, recruiting, sales and government, as well as Army aviation. Based out of our Louisville, Kentucky, office, he is a current member of the Kentucky Army National Guard and an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran. Mike has been with TEKsystems since 1998. Read his testimonial for his unique perspective on working at TEKsystems while simultaneously serving in the military.

Franklin Reed
Franklin Reed – Director of Inclusion & Diversity


Franklin Reed is the Director of Inclusion & Diversity. He’s responsible for developing & executing on all pillars of the diversity strategy (workforce, workplace & marketplace) across the company. Franklin started with TEKsystems in 2000 as a Recruiter and then moved into Account Management. He leads the I&D team and plays a key role in reinforcing our commitment to creating an inclusive culture & diverse workforce.

Eric Lee – Regional Inclusion & Diversity Manger


Dr. Eric Lee currently serves as the Regional Inclusion & Diversity Manager at TEKsystem. In his role, Dr. Lee, represents and communicates TEKsystem’s Inclusion & Diversity workforce and workplace efforts internally & externally, supports National Sales with Inclusion & Diversity in our marketplace (clients) in order to increase business opportunity, and manages all external I&D partnerships and associations.

Teresa Truong
Teresa Truong – Regional Inclusion & Diversity Manger


Teresa Truong is a Regional Inclusion & Diversity Manger with TEKsystems and supports the Northeast region. She is responsible for helping progress the organization’s Inclusion and Diversity strategy centered on the three main pillars of Workforce, Workplace, and Marketplace. Teresa started with TEKsystems five years ago and has spent her career in the Minneapolis/St. Paul market. She has been heavily involved with TEKsystems Inclusion and Diversity strategy at the local level serving as Minneapolis Application’s Multicultural ERG Lead and an active participant in the Women’s ERG. Teresa credits the Northwest Women’s Emerge program as the impetus that propelled her career in the direction of Inclusion and Diversity.

Graci Harkema
Graci Harkema – Regional Inclusion & Diversity Manager


Graci is a Regional Inclusion & Diversity Manager, supporting the Midwest Region and leading the Employee Resource Groups across North America. Her passion for inclusion and diversity grew at a young age, after being inter-racially and internationally adopted from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Her journey from the mud hut to the suburbs of Grand Rapids, Michigan compelled her to make an impact in inclusion. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Grand Valley State University. Her introduction to business was spent working at a law firm for eight years. She started at TEKsystems in 2013 in West Michigan. Her leadership in inclusion and diversity began at the local level as the West Michigan Multi-Cultural ERG Lead and Pride@TEK Midwest Regional Lead. Graci supported the State government accounts in her roles as Recruiter and Sr. Account Recruiting Manager in Government Services. She is driven to help employees perform to their potential as their authentic selves and partnering with clients to help them achieve successful business results by maximizing talent, inclusion, and diversity strategies. Graci is a member of the LGBTQ community and serves on the Grand Rapids Community Foundation’s Our LGBTQ Fund Advisory Board. Graci enjoys traveling and supports her parents’ Faith-Based Non-Profit, Building Bukavu, which also helps to support her biological mother and brothers in the Congo. “My entire existence is because of inclusion and living authentically; the very least I can do is give back.

Headshot of Angie Fulk
Angie Fulk – Regional Inclusion & Diversity Manager


Angie Fulk joined TEKsystems in 2010 as a Recruiter in the Kansas City office. At the beginning of 2012, she moved into the AM role as an Applications seller. Angie’s natural passion for Inclusion and Diversity was propelled shortly after she moved into the AM role when our company initially launched ERG’s that same year. It was at this time when she helped start and lead a multi-office Women@TEK ERG in the Central Region. In 2017, she was selected to participate in the Central Region Emerge Program and quickly realized it was time to push herself outside of her comfort zone and pursue a career path around her passion with I&D. She’s excited to now serve our company as a Regional Inclusion & Diversity Manager for the Central and parts of the Southeast Regions.

Jemia Young
Jemia Young – Diversity Talent Program Manager


Jemia Young came to TEKsystems in 2013 with over four years of sales experience, and was quickly promoted into account recruiting manager position after 9 months. In 2014, she joined the Talent Acquisition team to support the Southeast and in 2015 she moved to support the Northeast. Now on the Inclusion & Diversity team, Young’s role is focused on continuing to build the TEKsystems brand amongst our national inclusion & diversity partners as well as continue to find ways to attract female and diverse talent. She is based in Northern Virginia.

Talent Acquisition Specialists

If you are interested in an opportunity in sales, reach out to one of our regional sales recruiters.

Nicole Brocklebank
Nicole Brocklebank – Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist, Canada


Nicole Brocklebank focuses on the hiring needs and initiatives for TEKsystems in Canada. She works out our corporate office in Mississauga, Ontario. Brocklebank started her career with TEKsystems in 2010 as a technical recruiter, and was promoted in 2012 into the national internal recruiter role in Canada. In 2015, she was then promoted into a senior talent acquisition specialist for Canada.

Headshot of Brittany Gutteron
Brittany Gutteron – Sr. Talent Acquisition Team Lead


Brittany Gutteron joined TEKsystems in 2011 and has held several positions on the Talent Acquisition team including Internal Recruiter, Sourcer, University Relations Recruiter, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist and just got promoted as a Talent Acquisition Lead. In her current role she coaches and leads a team of Talent Acquisition Specialists supporting our FSG recruiting as well as supporting offices in various regions. She sits out of our Denver, CO office.

Lindsey Vitrano
Lindsey Vitrano – Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist, Northwest


Lindsey Vitrano is our Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist covering the Northwest Region. Lindsey started her career at TEKsystems in 2011 as a technical recruiter in San Francisco, and was promoted to an account recruiting manager. In late 2013, she joined the Talent Acquisition team as a university relations recruiter and relocated to Denver.

Jo Ligouri
Jo Ligouri – Talent Acquisition Specialist, West


Jo Ligouri supports internal recruiting in the West region and is based out of our Tempe, Arizona, headquarters. Ligouri joined TEKsystems in 2015 with previous internal recruiting experience.

Rachel Brookes
Rachel Brookes – Talent Acquisition Specialist, Southeast


Rachel Brookes recruits for the Southeast region. She joined TEKsystems in 2015 as a regional sales recruiter on the Internal Recruiting team. Prior to TEKsystems, she worked in sales recruiting for three years. Brookes is currently based out of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Shaun Johnson
Shaun Johnson – Talent Acquistion Specialist


Shaun Johnson supports six offices in the Mid-Atlantic, helping the offices grow and ensuring newly hired recruiters and sales professionals become successful. Shaun Johnson started with TEKsystems in 2009 as an IT recruiter before moving into internal recruiting.

Ashli Coffman
Ashli Coffman – Talent Acquisition Specialist, Central


Ashli Coffman started with TEKsystems in 2006 as a Technical Staffing Recruiter. She has recruited all IT verticals, and was promoted to Senior Recruiter in 2009, and Professional Recruiter in 2011. She was the Retention Program Lead for the Tulsa office from 2013-2015, where she primarily focused on retaining our current consultants by helping them find new opportunities when their current projects were wrapping-up. In 2016, Ashli joined the Talent Acquisition Team for the Central Region, where she currently partners with leadership to develop and implement hiring strategies that will attract and retain the best internal candidates for TEKsystems.

Shirley Alexander
Shirley Alexander – Talent Acquisition Specialist


Shirley Alexander began her TEKsystems career in 2000 as a Recruiter, and after several promotions, moved to our sister company Aerotek, where she worked as a Lead Recruiter and Account Recruiting Manager. Shirley rejoined TEKsystems in 2009 and has since been supporting internal recruitment for both our Canadian and US markets.

Tarah Van Deursen
Tarah Van Deursen – Talent Acquisition Specialist


Tarah Van Deursen is committed to finding highly motivated, talented and diverse individuals who will add to the success of TEKsystems in the Northeast. She began her career with Allegis Group in 2010 as a commercial recruiter with Aerotek in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. She was later promoted to recruiter lead and then account recruiting manager. She joined the Internal Recruiting team in 2015.

Kelly Sacharski
Kelly Sacharski – Talent Acquisition Specialist


Kelly Sacharski launched her career with TEKsystems as a Technical Recruiter in 2012. In 2014, she joined the Talent Acquisition team and focuses on attracting top talent into the company.

Balay Aydmir
Balay Aydmir – Talent Acquisition Specialist


Balay started her career at TEK as a technical recruiter and excelled in that position for 2 years before getting promoted onto the Talent Acquisition team. Balay is passionate about serving others and being a part of a winning team. She supports hiring needs in the South East and Nationwide for TEKsystems.

Headshot of Audrey Murrell
Audrey Murrell – Talent Acquisition Specialist


Audrey Murrell started her career with TEKsytems back in 2014 as a Technical Recruiter. During this time she has supported two markets, Indianapolis, Indiana and Ontario California where she is currently located. Audrey started with the Internal Recruiting team in 2018 and is passionate about supporting the West Region and contributing to the overall growth of the company.

Headshot of TJ McRae
TJ McRae – Talent Acquisition Specialist


"I started my career with TEKsystems in 2016 as a Technical Recruiter and I am now part of the Internal Recruiting Team. Starting my career in Charlotte, I now sit in in the Greensboro, North Carolina office. I am passionate about helping TEKsystems expand by finding the top internal candidates across all regions."

Headshot Mary Addeo
Mary Addeo – Talent Acquisition Specialist


Mary Addeo started with TEKsystems in 2014 as a Technical Recruiter in the Parsippany NJ office. Throughout her career, she has recruited in various IT verticals including Network Infrastructure, End User Support, and Telecommunications. Mary hit 2 full-year contests in 2015 and 2016, before being promoted to an Account Manager in the Applications space. Now joining the Talent Acquisition Team, she is excited to contribute to the company in a new way, attracting and retaining the best talent for our organization.

Headshot of Sarah Brozik
Sarah Brozik – Talent Acquisition Specialist


I started my career with TEKsystems in June of 2014 as a Technical Recruiter in Minneapolis, MN. I focused my recruiting efforts within the Applications space and specifically specialized in recruiting developers. At the beginning of 2017 I was promoted to a Recruiter Lead.

University Relations Recruiters

If you would like TEKsystems to get involved at your university, please contact our university relations recruiters.

Jelicza Cruz
Jelicza Cruz – University Relations Recruiter


Jelicza Cruz works to develop university relationships in order to recruit sales-motivated individuals and build a high-performance team. Cruz began her career at TEKsystems in 2013 as a technical recruiter identifying top IT talent for the Greater New York City Area. She joined the Internal Recruiting team in 2015 as the Northeast university relations recruiter.

Lauren Peters
Lauren Peters – University Relations Recruiter


Lauren Peters, University Relations Recruiter, works to develop relationships on campus as well as recruit top talent across the country. Peters began her career at TEKsystems in 2011 as a technical recruiter identifying top Microsoft talent for the Greater Chicagoland Area. She joined the Talent Acquisition team in 2014 as the Midwest University recruiter. In her Tenure she has recruited from Universities in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, and Canada which feeds into all regions in the US.

Allie Delepine
Allie Delepine – University Relations Recruiters


Allie Delepine began her career with TEKsystems in 2010 on the Customer Support team in Portland, OR. In 2013 she was promoted to a Technical Staffing Recruiter, where she focused her efforts in the Network Services space. Allie joined the Internal Recruiting team in 2015 as a Talent Acquisition Specialist for the West, before moving over to the University Relations team in 2017. She is currently based out of the Phoenix Delivery Center.

Teron Foster
Teron Foster – University Relations Recruiters


Teron Foster started off his career with TEKsystems in 2016 as a Technical Recruiter, and joined the Internal Recruiting team in 2018 supporting the Mid-Atlantic offices. As the University Relations recruiter Teron is dedicated to developing relationships on campuses, and recruiting high-achieving college students into the company.

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